Spanish Coast Guard Helicopters Rescue 36 Migrants At Sea near Gran Canaria

Spanish Coast Guard Helicopters Rescue 36 Migrants At Sea near Gran Canaria


Telde, Spain: (World View Media, Reuters)
Spanish coast guards transported 36 migrants rescued at sea in the Atlantic Ocean in helicopters on Monday (May 24) as stormy weather conditions prevented them from using coast guard vessels to take the people to safety.
The group of Sub Saharan migrants, including 17 men, 13 women of which one is pregnant, five children and a baby, were rescued 30 miles off the Spanish island off Gran Canaria.
They were taken to the island’s airport in Telde by air after two rescue vessels failed to reach them due to bad weather conditions.
Reuters footage showed health staff attending migrants on the airport’s tarmac.
Eight migrants were transferred to hospital with symptoms of dehydration and hypothermia, the Canary Islands emergency services said.
During the complicated rescue operation, one person fell into the water and is still missing, despite the coast guards attempts for hours to locate the person, radio conversations between the Coast guards involved in operation obtained by Reuters showed.
Spanish Interior ministry data reported 4,935 migrants had reached the Canary Islands by sea so far, up to May 15.

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